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What is the difference between 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30, SAE 30, etc??

In general terms, the first number, if present, represents the flow resistance rating of the oil when cold (Conventionally measured at 40°C (104°F) ). The second number represents the flow resistance rating of the oil when hot (Conventionally measured at 100°C (212°F) ). The 'W' in the middle simply means that the oil meets certain specifications at low temperatures and is generally recommended for Winter use. A straight weight oil (e.g. SAE 30) means that the oil has the same relative weight (flow resistance) regardless of the temperature. So, in essence, all of these oils are relatively the same once your engine warms up. The main difference is how well they flow when you first start your engine. Therefore, the 0W-30 will generally be the best oil to use because it flows easily when its cold thus allowing for easier engine starts and reduced engine wear at start-up.

What should I do if i'm traveling and develop an oil leak, and I can't find any AMSOIL to refill with???

We've had several customers experience this dilemma. Very few people keep extra motor oil with them when they're traveling, and many consumers seem to be under the impression that they can't add other types and brands of oil to their engine. Just to clear this up, AMSOIL is compatible with all other motor oils, both synthetics and mineral-based. In a pinch, you can add any brand of motor oil to your engine. Furthermore, you can mix as many different types and viscosities of oil in your engine as you want. The factory makes a recommendation on which type of oil to use, however, this is ONLY a recommendation. As long as the oil you choose meets the API specifications established by the manufacturer, you can use any motor oil that you want, and it will not void your warranty.

Will adding other motor oil to my engine affect my drain-intervals???

Yes, it will most definitely shorten the life of your motor oil. Conventional oils will break down much quicker than AMSOIL. In addition, adding other motor oil will reduce the amount of AMSOIL in your engine which also shortens the life of the AMSOIL motor oil. Therefore, if you have a leak and require additional non-AMSOIL motor oil, you need to change your motor oil much sooner than normal. On the other hand, if you add additional AMSOIL motor oil, you can actually extend your drain intervals beyond normal, however, it is still recommended that you change the filter at the regular intervals.

Have you ever noticed how conventional motor oils drain out like water after only 3,000 miles???

That's because the combustion process in today's engines produce byproducts and high temperatures which contaminate your oil and cause molecular breakdown of the oil itself. Synthetic oils, on the other hand, are man-made and contain molecules which are more resistant to those contaminants, and much more resistant to the extreme temperatures. This simply means that synthetic oils will provide excellent lubrication for a longer period of time than conventional oil.

But how does a synthetic oil decrease friction and improve gas mileage and performance???

This answer goes back to the whole molecular structure thing. Not only are synthetic oil molecules more resistant to contaminants, but the molecules themselves are generally smaller, and more consistent in physical size. This means that they can squeeze into tighter spaces and pass by one another more easily, hence the reduction of friction.

So why choose AMSOIL??? Why not just use any brand of synthetic oil like Castrol or Mobil 1??

All of these manufacturers produce high quality products. However, synthetic oils are man-made and each company has their own methods and formulations. Therefore, we must rely on testing to determine which oil is truly the best, and almost every test ever conducted proves that AMSOIL IS THE BEST. So, if you want the confidence in knowing that your engine is being protected the best that it can be, choose AMSOIL. Furthermore, AMSOIL motor oils are generally cheaper than the name brands, and AMSOIL has the only motor oils which are rated for 25,000 mile and 35,000 mile drain intervals. The competition can't even come close to that.

So when is the best time to switch to AMSOIL???

The best time to switch is at the first oil change.

Why not switch immediately when I buy a new car?

Well, simply put, you CAN switch immediately. However, it is not recommended because most new vehicles recommend a 500-mile oil change as part of the break-in process, and you wouldn't want to waste that precious AMSOIL for a short 500-mile interval when any old conventional oil would do.

Should I use an oil additive like Slick 50 when using AMSOIL??

NO, definitely not. The Federal Trade Commission has recently filed claims against many of these companies for making FALSE claims about their products. Visit these links for more information:

  • Slick 50 Engine Treatment
  • STP Engine Treatment
  • Valvoline Engine Treatment
  • Dura Lube Super Engine Treatment
  • Dura Lube Advanced Engine Treatment
  • Motor Up Engine Treatment
  • Prolong Super Lubricants
  • zMax Auto Additives
  • What if my vehicle requires that I use oil which meets a certain API specification??

    AMSOIL produces synthetic lubricants which meet almost every OEM API specification in existence. And if they don't, odds are, nobody else does either. But, rest assured, they will be working on creating a superior lubricant which meets and/or exceeds that specification. Often times, AMSOIL already has products that meet those specifications, but their products haven't yet received the certifications required to make claims of meeting those specs.

    Should I use AMSOIL Engine Flush???

    AMSOIL recommends that you use their engine flush right before you change your oil. The purpose is to loosen and remove as much of the sludge and build-up within the engine during an oil change. This restores operating efficiency to valves, valve lifters, rocker arms, and pistons, which improves horsepower, fuel economy, and performance.

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