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We found out first hand just how good Amsoil synthetic motor oil really is. We unknowingly bent a rod in our 434 cubic inch small block chevy race engine a few weeks back. Afterwards, we made 10 passes(4 with nitrous) on the engine before losing oil pressure. Upon tearing the engine down, we found that the bent rod had suffered bearing failure. One half of the bearing was even completely gone. Fortunately, thanks to Amsoil, the crankshaft was not damaged severely, and only had to be turned ten thousandths. I am sure this engine would not have lasted more than a couple runs with most other motor oils.

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Like most of you, I had read all the stories and testimonials about AMSOIL products, but I figured it was just the usual hype that you see with every product ever created. However, to my surprise, I actually did notice a few differences in my car after switching it over.

The engine idled smoother, and revved a little quicker. Next, I started monitoring gas mileage since that is one of AMSOIL's big selling points. I used 10W30 when I first switched over, and after running out a tank of gas, my mileage was up about 1 mile per gallon, going from 24mpg to 25mpg. I figured that was a respectable gain in gas mileage, but I decided to continue monitoring my mileage.

After a couple thousand more miles, my mileage had increased to about 26mpg. At this point, I was pretty impressed. I didn't expect any oil could do as much as this stuff had done, based on my prior experience with Castrol. Eventually, I changed the oil and decided to go with 5W30 just to see if the gas mileage would increase any more (gas was $3 per gallon, and I wanted all the mileage I could get). Amazingly, after a few thousand more miles, my car was now getting almost 28mpg.

So, all in all, I'm getting almost 4mpg more than I used to. Unfortunately, the 4mpg increase is only on interstate/highway driving. Around town, the gains are down around 1mpg. All things considered, these results are still quite impressive.

In the meantime, I had also purchased some of the Dominator 2-stroke oil for our snowmobiles to see how it performed. As with my car, I immediately noticed that the engines idled and revved smoother. The top speed also increased a few mph, and the engines seemed to smoke less and burn cleaner. After checking the spark plugs, it was clear that the engines were definitely burning cleaner.

Since then, we've switched all of our vehicles over to AMSOIL, and have had nothing but good results. This includes our tow truck, race cars, atv's, snowmobiles, and daily drivers. The tow truck actually made it to the track on one tank of gas, which is a record. We didn't check the gas mileage to see what the gains were exactly, but at any rate, it has increased substantially. It also tows much better up the hills, and doesn't lose near as much power when the engine temperature gets hot.

Our race cars even decreased their elapsed times by a few hundredths in the 1/8th mile, which is a true measure of performance gains. Now I can't speak a whole lot about Mobil 1, Royal Purple, Lucas, Redline, and the others, but when you compare AMSOIL to the conventional oils, there is no comparison. I also love the fact that I only have to change my oil once or twice per year. I save money on gas, oil, filters, and I don't have to spend all my time changing oil every 3000 miles. What could be better?

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