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You can sign up as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and enjoy wholesale pricing when ordering directly from AMSOIL. If you're in a hurry, the fastest way to order is directly through AMSOIL (Click here to go to the AMSOIL Online Store), but getting a quote from us is well worth your time. Larger orders also save on shipping, so be sure to check with friends, family, and neighbors before your next purchase and see if they need any AMSOIL as well.

Be sure to visit the Online Application Guide to find all the part numbers for your vehicle.

We also offer Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts for parts stores, auto-shops, dealerships, etc. who would like to sell AMSOIL to their customers. Simply contact us and request an application. It is free to open one of these accounts so sign up today! There are no inventory requirements or yearly quotas. You can buy and sell as much or as little as you want. You'll be surprised at how many people will buy AMSOIL when they can find it.

The Retail On-The-Shelf account is the cheapest way to go if you're looking to sell AMSOIL in your store or sell AMSOIL at your shop when performing oil changes, etc. By signing up with us, we will guarantee that you get the lowest price possible. Retail Accounts also generate advertising co-op from 3%-5% based upon annual volume and qualify for discounts on freight when making bulk purchases. The advertising co-op can be used to purchase AMSOIL apparel and other useful advertising aids.

We also offer Commercial Accounts for companies who just simply wish to use AMSOIL in their equipment/vehicles. Simply contact us and request an application. Commercial accounts by default are eligible for AMSOIL's commercial price when ordering directly from AMSOIL, which is slightly less than dealer cost. Commercial Accounts also qualify for an additional 2%-10% discount based upon annual volume and qualify for discounts on freight when making bulk purchases.

AMSOIL Inc. has 11 distribution centers throughout the United States which allows for super fast shipping right to your door from the distribution center nearest you. Click here to see where your nearest distribution center is located.

There are more automobiles on the roads today than ever before, and this trend is obviously going to continue. Unfortunately, oil consumption is going to continue to increase by means of gasoline consumption, and motor oil consumption.

Most Americans have been taught from previous generations to always change your oil every 3,000 miles to make your engine last longer. Granted this is partially true, the environment suffers tremendously from the disposal of all this waste oil.

We've been in the auto-repair industry for quite some time, and very rarely see engine failures caused by 'old' oil. Some of our customers change their oil every 3,000 miles as recommended by their service manuals, but many of them wait until 5,000 miles or more, and use the cheapest oil they can buy. And yet, their engines still last over 150K miles without having failure due to old engine oil.

This just goes to show that most factory engines can tolerate fairly extreme service conditions. For the most part, engine problems are usually caused by overheating, over-revving, lack of maintenance, and the usual lead-foot abuse.

With today's high-quality synthetic motor oils, there is no reason or excuse to not be switching to longer drain-intervals. If everybody extended their drain-intervals by only 1,000 miles, the reduction of waste oil would be phenomenal. Our overall oil consumption in the US would decrease enough that it would draw national attention.

Thankfully, Mobil 1 has recently introduced their own line of extended-drain synthetic oils, and I expect many more to follow suit in the very near future. This really adds credibility to AMSOIL's long-standing claims of extended drain-intervals, and is a huge step towards convincing people that longer drain-intervals are perfectly safe.

Although the initial cost is relatively expensive, the savings obtained from increased gas mileage, less frequent oil changes, and reduction of waste oil are all extremely important reasons to switch to a premium quality extended-drain synthetic motor oil. In addition, synthetics provide far better engine protection, especially in temperature extremes, where most conventional oils break down and provide very little protection to bearings and other moving parts. Regardless of which brand you choose, be responsible, and extend your drain-intervals.

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